Thursday, February 5, 2009

Me Interviewed, Interview Me

FIRST, A NOTE: From now on all titles that start with "Bloggy Bits" will be chatter and other info. All other posts will be the continuing story of "Behind the White Curtain."

I stopped by AbFab Geek's blog this week and saw she was sharing the spotlight with her fellow bloggers by the use of a ME interview (like a MEME.) She answered a handful of random questions about herself and then offered to interview others with new sets of questions.

So, if you're interested in joinging the fun, comment here and say, "Interview me". I'll email you the questions to post on your blog along with the instructions to keep it going by interviewing others.

Here's my interview:

What does your blog name – Behind the White Curtain- mean?
"Behind the White Curtain" is the working title for my memoir-in-progress. The meaning of the white curtain is both literal and figurative. In this story my character tries to say as present as possible by stepping behind the patient privacy curtain and holding the hand of her friend while the nurse changes her surgical dressings. While forcing herself to be so present, many of life’s veils are pulled back to reveal more than she could ever imagine.

How did you decide to use it?
My first title was “You Always Die”, which according to my agent and other literary guru’s I’ve consulted, will never sell. Too depressing. The idea here is to focus more on the main concept of the book- the challenge of staying present in the face of terminal illness.

What are your biggest interests in life?
I think creativity in all forms interest me most. I like to write, obviously and I’m also a graphic designer. I’m lucky to have jobs that I love.

What has been your highest achievement in life?
At this point I’m going to have to keep that a secret. I can tell you that it’s revealed at the end of "Behind the White Curtain" and I wouldn’t want to spoil the read.

Where do you see your life in 20 years time?
Hopefully I’ll be seeing my girls (now 6 and 9) carving out new and exciting lives for themselves with rewarding careers and relationships. My husband I and I will sell our house for a smaller one in the village and be able to walk to shops and restaurants for frequent dinners out. I’ll continue to write and will probably get more dogs (Jack Russell Terriers) for my lack of children in the house. Maybe I’ll even let myself get content and fat. Nah… who am I kidding… I’m too hard on myself to let that happen and probably always will be.

Apart from people or pets, what is your most prized possession and why?
I try not to put too much importance into material things but if I had to rack my brain for one thing… I’d say it’s an inexpensive gold-plated pendant that a friend gave to me upon my best friend’s death. It was a saint with her name. I later found that saint to be a patron of writers and artists. I wore it for 2 years straight after her passing.


  1. I love these question and answer things and I love your answers! AbFabGeek sent me my questions, too!!

  2. Wow! Love the story behind your title. And who is the patron saint of writers and artists? I MUST know!

    You can interview me if you like. Are all the questions the same or do they change with each interview?

  3. All the questions are different (customized) for each interview. I'll try to come up with questions that are relevant to you.

  4. I'm totally going to buy your pregnancy book!

    Looking forward to reading more from you.

  5. Thank you for visiting Mayberry Magpie.

    Wow. A writer's blog. And it looks like I found you at the beginning. I shall enjoy reading your story as it unfolds.

    I have a colleague suffering from stage 4 cancer right now. Haven't known how to help. Maybe reading about your experiences will give me insight.

  6. My most prized possession is probably my white winter coat. I've been wearing it almost everyday. My husband bought it for me three years ago and it cost $500.